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That is that God thing right? 

What I mean is, consider God as the creator of relationships.   With this concept (God being the creator and all) you may ask: Did He give Adam and Eve too much space? Heck, Questions abound with in our humanism and Some’s desire to find fault in Godliness. There lies the problem in relationships. We chose not to be Godly and seek His perspective.  We want what we want. 

What does God allow:

He allows us to set the stage and approach Him from where we are and he gets us to where he wants us to be. Provided that is where we want to go.  

As in all relationships there has to be a desire that overcomes all obstacles that life tempts us with; That is seeking our personal desires over God’s and He knew that from the beginning. 

Attempt to put God first in your relationship and seek to learn more then to know more. 

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