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Numbers 13

God said, “send them”. Did they surprise God by being doubtful? No! 

Disappointed? Possibly. 

His plan was getting us there. Our choices and doubt where self induced. 

Respectfully putting my words in God mouth, I would be asking myself, “What more do I have to do to show these people my love and desire for them?  Let go of your fears and trust me? He decides “Ah forget about it. Let’s go wonder 40 Year and kill of this generation of leaders as see if their kids will get it?” Did/does God know our ever movement? Or does he know our every choice? God taught them and now He needed to test them. It was time. Time to separate the chaff from the wheat. I Know God has forever. We are the ones limited by time.  He just wants us to figure it out: Either the hard way or the easy way. He would prefer we learn the easy way. He is a patient God but he does have his limits. For us, ignorance is a choice. We go out and walk around in life and decide who we will follow. God? Man?  Satin? 

God then acts, ”Okay, next generation!” 

Not on my watch. Let’s get this right!  

God, show me your path you have prepared for me and equip me to walk it for you. 

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