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Numbers 9

Whenever the Bible talks about this time period I often reflect on the individual amongst the thousands. I am confident of the “presence of the Lord“ through the Holy Spirit today. He has been with me all my life. But to be transparent, there are times where I could use a voice or a sign (cloud) that God is here! I ask myself this question: Would I have been a better follower seeing this cloud both day and night (even a night light to penetrate the darkness)? If I was one of the thousands standing around at the back of the tribe would that cloud in the distance really affect me? Our would I be more affected by the people around me? Lord God, our Lord and savior, please open my heart and my mouth as you did with Moses and when I am called, allow me the faith to show and share your love to the least of us. Help us to bring these in the back of the tribe to your alter to experience and receive your presence.  

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