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Numbers 1-5

Two years and two months later! We had no idea where we would be two years and two months ago. Two years and two months ago the Israelites walked out of Egypt into the unknown. Yet God had a plan! I find it comforting as I learn more about God, that by giving him...releasing my pride, he has room to work. Each time the Israelites or myself take charge without seeking godly guidance we find ourselves in trouble. Each time we look ahead without having faith in God‘s plan we get scared and begin to doubt and try to take control. Have confidence, as you move forward with god. Focus on the river in front of you and not on the enemy behind you. Have faith in God and what He can do, not what you think He can do. I don’t know what river I have in front me, but I know what God I have in me! Open up my heart and my soul oh God, like you parted the river! Lead me to my promised land and prepare me for battle for my generations have yet to know.  

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