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Exodus 40

It is noted that gold adds value that both us and God have placed upon it. We take His value on this product and God directs us in building furnishings for the temple. And in this temple He will come and rest. Within this temple are His Laws. It is symbolic of how God created us and has placed value within each and everyone of us. He’s allowed us to determine value in ourselves as well as gives us guidance within our mind and soul. God wants to settle down with us through the Holy Spirit. He wants us to know his laws and have them on our hearts and in our soul and He wants to guide us both day and night. God is not look for and is not satisfied with a partial relationship. He knows how those turn out. We, as a culture, want God‘s blessings but we don’t want his guidance in our temple. We want to determine what God says as right or wrong. We want to put in our own commandments that we feel as humanity and send it to God and expect Him to sign off on it. God does not change!   

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