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Exodus 12

My God strives to work with all of us. But when we claim to be His equal, He will do all in His power to dissuade that path and to limit the following. And then God creates a annual reminder for all generations (?) of this path to destruction and the sacrifice needed to block the destroyer. This attention to detail foreshadows the crucifixion of Jesus. He has the Hebrew families bring in the Lamb for 14 days. Establish a relationship with this Lamb. They need to replace the lambs mother and nurture it as their child. All part of the design and foreshadowing. God wants us to feel some pain & heartache when we make a sacrifice. This cute, soft, etc Lamb is the son of God. God had to endure this sacrifice to mark us as Christ own. Develop this type of relationship with God, so you have remorse each time you pick up the child Lamb & sacrifice it through your sin. And know by the grace of God that He has allowed you to place a sign on the door post and lentil of your soul.  

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