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Group Training

In all aspects of life God is there.  We need instruction and training as we move forward in life.  Why not walk with the creator.  Why settle for second best and follow hearsay. Interesting how hearsay is similar to heresy!

Running Down Stairs

Team building

directional motivation

With man being created in the image of God, both male and female, our competitive spirit and quest for perfection comes from a higher power.  How do we harness it correctly? Let's take guidance from a biblical perspective and not allow our team to get lost in selfish humanism.

US government building

Leadership across America

work from the foundation

I have become jaded in my opinion of our leadership across America and can see a pattern that is approaching the point of no return.  It is in this next generation that will produce either success or failure.  Let's look at the hopes of the past and put God where he belongs in our country.

College Campus

Class room

connect God and Constitution

We do not have enough time in the classroom to teach the student all they need to know about America and the Government.  Allow LiveHisDream to bring in an outside perspective from Retired Marine.  After fighting for this country I was surprised how my passion changed for this great country I served.  Let me share my story and give you hope in your story.

Vintage Compass


The development of a leader

Developing a quality leader starts with the basic concepts of building relationships.  If you can't relate to some people then you can't lead them (but you could dictate them).  lets visit three trinity concepts of relationships and determine what it takes to lead those that follow and mentor those that lead.

Let LiveHisDream be the outside source that can come in and enhance the direction you want to go.

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