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Why LiveHisDream

The Question?

As a Marine pilot, I was "living the dream"! As carrier trained Marine aviators, we were the few of the few! Me, I was on a great and blessed journey; I knew God carried me through the challenges of this flying career and combat.  He was continually  blessing my family and we all appreciated our faith with Jesus Christ.  Yet, deep down in my soul I continued to question if I did "LiveHisDream"?  Then God opened my eyes!



How to get there

  • My intention with this ministry is to help you or your organization realize the power of God in order to LiveHisDream

  • My goal is to encourage you to open your bible and see Man's failure overcome by the power of God in their lives.  

  • Where does your wisdom come from? One of two places: your wisdom is based on the world that will lead us further away for God's design and into the hand's of mans deception or it is founded on God's wisdom that you seek to fulfill as you build a  Godly relationship that will give you the tools to lead man in order to LiveHisDream.

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